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Hickory Playing Set

Custom Made Prototype set for R. T. Jones, Jr Autograph Kro-Flite

This is a hard to find 8 club set (2 to 9) plus putter of antique vintage hickory shafted clubs from the 1930’s. This set was Custom made for Al Zimmerman* and a prototype/beta-test set of the famous sole weighted Spalding Robert T. Jones, Jr Autograph Kro-Flite irons that revolutionised golf iron design. The biggest seller of their day but offered with hickory shafts only in the January 1933 Spring and Summer Spalding golf catalog. The set also includes a prototype/beta-test of the R. T. Jones, Jr Calamity Jane putter with original shaft and leather grip in an excellent condition.

Play specs are the 2 iron D2 swingweight, 3 Iron D5, 4 Iron D0, 5 Iron D5, 6 Iron D1, 7 Iron D0, 8 (pitching niblick according to the catalog) D1, and 9 Iron (niblick) D1. Heads are clean and in good condition with some wear and tear. They did not have good chrome back then and the heads show chrome loss and salt and pepper pitting to the chrome. Please look at the pictures for a better idea of condition. All clubs (except the putter) are re-set and fitted with new hickory stiff shafts with new grips. It is a perfect set ready to be used on the course.

As a reference, a 9 club original Spalding R. T. Jones, Jr set was recently sold at an auction (12/5/2022) for USD5625.

*Al Zimmerman was a well-known PGA pro and played from the late 1920’s well into 1940’s. He was one of the Pacific Northwest Section’s greatest players and was Inducted in Hall of Fame 1981.


Price, SEK 36.000  (8 iron clubs plus putter)


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